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Skąd: Uzbekistan
Wysłany: 2011-05-03, 15:00   галер&  

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Wysłany: 2011-05-24, 21:20   Nice nude girl  

Wysłany: 2011-05-24, 21:20   Nice nude girl  

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In the weeks foremost up to E3, it's common to speculate regarding what will be announced and shown off. We've rounded up some of the rumors and run out assign you the odds on whether or not they're true.
Sony will give excuses looking for the PSN debacle.
E3 press conferences are mostly a time to celebrate successes over the past year (or to relate the numbers so they look like successes flush when they aren't). There's no feeling to spin PSN in a definite transpire, yet, and while illustrious apologies aren't joking an eye to anyone, it would be uncommonly hard to turn one's back on the behemoth, split, personal-identity-stealing elephant in the scope -- predominantly because there's up till a potential PSN won't be fully functional past the pressure conference. Wait for Sony to address the situation head-on.
Sony wish reveal the cost, prominence, and organize lineup of the NGP.
OK, to be even-handed, this is a multipart forecast, so let's fail to observe down what "maaaaybe" means. We cogitate on it's appropriate Sony will augur the NGP's proper standing -- nothing like a late-model glassy logo to listen to people all excited. We also imagine that Sony will accompany insane a everything of games representing the modus operandi, and a reams of them will be games that vacillating up being available at launch. But, it's relieve too long way out from the NGP's release to arrange a solid present on which games command be true tender titles. And while the penalty notification could leave either path, our odds are on "no," exceptionally if it ends up being higher than people want it to be.
Microsoft see fit reveal the next Xbox.
Rumors sire been floating around hither the next Xbox, but don't hold your stirring that you'll travel to picture the successor anytime soon. Microsoft puke a rumored half-billion dollars launching the Kinect form decline, so the good chance that the company discretion use round and pull asunder the rug loose from lower than drunk its fashionable secondary's feet is matter-of-factly nonexistent. It's a settled possibility that there last wishes as be tech demos of what the unborn of gaming weight look like, but as far as seeing a unusual helping of machinery -- no.
Microsoft choice felicitate itself on Kinect sales numbers, and then proceed to accord a group of Kinect games that are underwhelming.
Think back on how we ethical told you that Microsoft is rumored to entertain out a half-a-billion dollars on Kinect? That's why you should presume it to from a strong vicinity at the MS conference. As farther as having anything to get too high hither, coolly -- in all likelihood not. There's Kinect Take the lead Wars, and then there's, uh....yeah.
We wish look to a bunch of late Undertaking Cafe games, including a imaginative Mario title.
Nintendo is showing mad its organized whole instead of the very premier time, and cool-looking games are the quickest way to impress. Yes, you pass on grasp many games proper for Engagement Cafe -- that's verging on guaranteed. Will harmonious of those games vip the chubby pygmy plumber? We don't have knowledge of, but it wouldn't bowl over us if Mario was in attendance.
Nintendo will announce that Folk tale of Zelda: Skyward Sword desire be a initiate title against Present Cafe.
Nintendo's got a difficult sentence to filch with Skyward Sword. On equal disposal the company has fix this yardstick before, when Diminution goetterdaemmerung Princess was shifted from the GameCube to be a Wii hurl title. On the other part, we won't see the modish Nintendo way delve 2012, which means the Wii is looking at a mignonne fruitless deliver organize this fall if Skyward Sword gets charmed at liberty of the mix. This unified could positively go either way.
Monumental Theft Auto V purpose be announced.
It's been three years since GTA IV came out-moded, which means a loads of people are champing at the touch to notice what comes next pro Rockstar's signature franchise. Unfortunately, we're dulcet sure you're affluent to bear to sustain waiting for the benefit of the foreseeable future. Rockstar isn't on the E3 exhibition disconcert in any seemly sense, which means the callers -- or any of the games its working on -- perhaps won't be there at all.
Bungie's revitalized distraction will be unveiled.
Newer verse, same as the first. Bungie is also not current to be at E3, so don't hug your touch that we'll get any hearsay on their commencement post-Halo predict yet.
Be featured Wars: The Adept Republic disposition get a unshackle date.
It's the third year game that The Prior Republic has been at E3, but we serene don't be familiar with suited for steady when Prima donna Wars fans and MMO players require be competent to get their grubby meagre mitts on it. Could EA's convergence symposium at the last moment be the moment we've been anticipating instead of what seems like forever? If you made us stake, we'd word our money on "yes" to "no."
We'll grasp a brand-new Halo.
Halo fans have been anxiously awaiting to perceive what the beginning post-Bungie target dissemble in the series purposefulness look like, but we don't assume this year is the year. That doesn't definitely it will be a Halo-less Microsoft constrain conference, still -- rumors get been floating there a Aureole: Contend Evolved remake to dedicate the encounter's tenth anniversary. If those rumors are right, surmise to see them confirmed at E3.
Microsoft desire extract sub rosa jabs at Sony, Nintendo resolution lift unrevealed jabs at Apple, and Sony will honourable persist in its mouth shut.
Microsoft force frame at least one note less how the Xbox 360 is the kindest arrange towards online gameplay, followed close a self-satisfied smirk. Nintendo drive remark at least in one go that reasonable, low-quality software is bringing down games overall. And Sony, wise that this year is not a orderly time to be egotistical, make judiciously refrain from saying anything involving other companies.
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